Front view of my studio right now

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My view right now. Ready to take off into space. #modularsynth #eurorack #arp2600 #synthesizer #musicproducer #musicstudio #analog

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I have finished building the TTSH Arp 2600 clone and here you can see it installed in my studio. Right now I’m in the process of testing it and learning all of it’s secrets.

OM-1 Cassette Tape Synthesizer

July 20, 2016  |  Analog, Synthesizer

File this one under utterly uniquely sounding analog synthesizer.

The Onde Magnétique OM-1 is a device with which you control a modified cassette-player. Into the player you put various pre-recorded cassettes (flute, vox etc) and by playing the buttons on the controller you set the speed of the cassette motor. Which in turn produces notes in different pitches. Really cool concept. Like the bastard child of a Mellotron. Check it out!

The OM-1 costs $285 and can be ordered from their web site.