The Inbetween, new single is out on Spotify

My second single from my next future album is out today on Spotify and the other streaming services.

The Inbetween is another synth heavy dance tune from me, with the usual retro feels. The main synth sounds was created on real synthesizers which was then mangled with a selection of software plugins. If you like this tune, please make sure to click the Follow link in Spotify and then tell all your friends how much you like it. :)

100 followers on Spotify

Yay! Spotify has informed me that I now have 100 followers (actually it’s 101 when writing this).

This makes me happy, but I would lie if I would say it doesn’t matter how many followers I have. Of course it does. I would love to see some more zeroes there, like 1000 or 10000 followers. Not because I would make any more money on my music (I don’t and I wouldn’t), but because more people would actually listen to what I do.

As many small-time, non-touring musicians and producers like me know, getting followers and people to listen to your music is really hard and more of a chance happening, unless you want to spend more time promoting that producing. Sure I could do what many seem to do, pay some money to a clickfarm in India or China. I would get a higher number of “followers” but in the end it would all be fake. It’s just a trumped up value and not an actual representation of real people listening to and liking my music.

Anyway, if you are one of these real 101 persons following me on Spotify. THANK YOU! If you are not, here is the link. :)


100 followers chart
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The Inbetween, new single out Friday April 17th

Horray! My next single is done and ready for release.

Set your calender to Friday April 17th or use this link as a reminder. Just like my last tune Two Waves Colliding it was made on real analog intruments in the studio, like the Arp 2600 clone TTSH (Two Thousand Six Hundred Mini Meanie) and the Roland SH-09. It was then mastered using a combination of software (like Izotope Ozone 9) and real hardware, like my Pultec EQ clone and the Prime 4000e SSL mixbus compressor clone.

The Inbetween is a synth heavy dance tune with a focus on melody and atmosphere.

What I’m listening to at the moment: Alex Banks, Purl, Sinius, Matt Morton

It’s time again for that special little list of music I’m currently listening to. Stuff I’ve tended to gravitate towards for the last couple of months or so. Here we go..

Alex Banks – Beneath the Surface

Another under the radar release for me, from Max Cooper’s Mesh label in June 2019, this is one of the best Berlin’ish techno/almost techno album I’ve heard in a long time. Listen to this if you are into acts like Moderat, Modeselector etc. Alex Banks used to tour with Moderat, which becomes pretty obvious listening to this album.

Purl, Sinius – Oceans of Sound

Co-lab album from Sweden’s Purl and UKs Sinius is an expedition into super-relaxing ambient landscapes, always blissful, sometimes with a hint of dub. Very well produced stuff and one of the best ambient albums I’ve heard in a while.

Matt Morton – Apollo 11 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Matt Morton gives his Moog system a spin and comes up with a top notch soundtrack for one of the, in my humble opinion best movies of 2019. This one should be enjoyed with headphones.

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Follow me on Spotify

Dear visitor, please click the link to follow me on Spotify.

Why? Well, please let me explain: First I would like to say thank you for visiting It means a lot to me. Now I have a small favour to ask you. As you might know I have a new single coming out on Spotify Friday next week. The problem is my music isn’t really in their recommendation loop, and that means not a whole lot of people are going to hear it.

What I need for that to happen is simply more followers on Spotify.

So, if you like my music and have a Spotify account, I would be super happy if you go to my artist page on Spotify and click the Follow-button.

That’s it. Thank you in advance.

Two Waves Colliding, new single out on Friday Feb 14th

My first official tune since Focus in 2017 is about to hit the streaming services.

Two Waves Colliding is a epic synth heavy modern dance tune, with some serious retro vibes and a catchy melody. It is my first single in a line of.. many, not sure how many just yet though. For those interested in synthesizers and such things, Two Waves Colliding was built around an arpreggio-sequence I created on my self-built TTSH (Two Thousand Six Hundred mini Meanie), which is a clone of the famous old Arp 2600 semi-modular synth. Other notable synths used were the Sidstation and my Roland SH-09.

Bookmark your calender to February the 14th, or even better click this link to pre-save it in Spotify right now to make sure you don’t miss it.

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New music from me is on the way

I have some good news for those of you that liked my album Focus and are hoping to hear something new. I have just finished mastering what will be my next single. My plan is to release it on Spotify etc very soon and then release a new single every month or two over the next 8 to 10 months. After that, depending on the reception of those singles and how many tracks I manage to finish I will either release an EP or another full album.

You will have to wait some more before you can actually hear this new tune (which still doesn’t have any name) but I can already now share some of the ideas that I have for my future sound. I will continue to build upon the synth-based sound of Focus and then introduce some new elements to it, like the human voice / singing and also touches of acoustic intruments like piano, guitar and such.

I also have new toys in the studio that I intend to use, like the Arp 2600 clone TTHS (Two Thousand Six Hundred Mini Meanie) and new modules in my Eurorack setup. This new sound will be flavoured and seasoned with old school effects like Tape Delay, Plate Reverb and String Reverb. Finally I have started to use the excellent loop sampler Output Arcade which is a great inspiration and a way to come up with previously untried ideas.

As soon as I have something new for you to listen to, I will post it here on my site and on Facebook. Really looking forward to bringing you my new music. :)

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What I’m listening to at the moment: Space Dimension Controller, Underworld, Vince Watson, Jacques Greene

The last couple months have been unusually slow for finding really good new music on Spotify. Still when I go through my list of recently hearted albums there are four entries that stand out above the rest.

Space Dimension Controller – Love Beyond the intersect

The first one is a concept album from Space Dimension Controller aka Mr 8040, bringing us fresh galactic funk from the edges of the universe. As expected, the retro feels runs strong on all the tracks. Think late 70’s, early 80’s funky space disco, vocoder included. If you like this, you should also check out his album Welcome to Mikrosector-50 from 2013.

Underworld – DRIFT Series 1

My all-time favorite Underworld recently released the final compilation of all the material from their DRIFT EPs.

Not everything here is top notch but there are still enough gold nuggets to say this is the best I have heard from them in close to 20 years. My fav piece of Karl Hyde lyrics is from the short track Mile Bush Pride. It’s the perfect example of describing as much as possible with as little words as possible.
Just listen to this: “Fierce beauty in the dance hall. One-time raiser of hell. Copper blonde. Skin in tight black.”

Vince Watson – DnA

Next up is Glasgow producer Vince Watson – DnA, which was actually released earlier this spring. 18 tracks of glorious Detroit techno and classic deep house.

Jacques Green – Dawn Chorus

Finishing off with something perhaps a bit more accessible but still oozing with quality, good melodies and well-crafted beats. Dawn Chorus by French-Canadian producer Jacques Green. Although there are several gems on this album, my fav track has to be old-school Acid House-tinted Night Service.

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What I’m listening to at the moment: Datach’i, MOTSA, Gëinst, Lee Burridge

It’s time for another ‘Here’s what I’m listening to’.
These are some of the albums that I have gravitated towards for the last month or so. All within the spectrum of electronic music.
All with my personal stamp of approval.

First out is Bones by Datach’i, aka Joseph Fraioli from Los Angeles, California. Friends of glitchy probability electronica have probably heard his music before, his first release 10110101=[rec+play] was 20 years ago. Very well produced with interesting textures and unexpected twists and turns. An album for special moments.


Next up, dreamy synth based pop. MOTSA is a new discovery for me. His debut album Perspectives was inspired by his acute awareness of modern society’s dependence on technology and the social media bubble also responsible for globally polarizing our current civilization. The highlights on this album are No Fear (with David Österle), Harp Enough, Rolling Back (Madeline Kenney) and Salvation (with David Österle).


Techno time. Gëinst produces music mainly inspired by nature. Released in 2018, Gallery is all about beautiful drones and ambient sounds soaked in bass. Long journeys into sound. Basic Ambient Techno that I enjoy very much. More of this please.


We finish with Melt, another fine release on All Day I Dream by the man himself, Lee Burridge together with Lost Desert. Deep technicolor emotionalism for lazy days by the pool, sunset or sunrise. Comforting Deep House at its finest.

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