My music was used in the 2005 Disney game Club Penguin

I was browsing through this years’ Wrapped for Artists on Spotify. As usual, it was a depressing read, once again highlighting my obvious lack of self-promotion and releasing new music to keep the fans interested. Listening rates going steadily down. That sort of stuff.

One interesting thing came out of that ordeal, however. Some plays of my 2005 track Gravitons came from a relatively new playlist called Club Penguin Original Soundtrack. I investigated further and soon found out that apparently Gravitons was used in a hugely popular online game called Club Penguin, back in the mid-2000, and more recently in Club Penguin 3D (CP3D).

I think that is the third game my music has been licensed to so far, as I know of anyway. Maybe I should add ‘Game musician’ to my Linkedin Profile. ;)

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Listen to my 2007 mix at Locked Up Progressive Sounds

In the mid-2000s, I got a lot of shit done. Releasing new music, remixing other artists, and somehow getting my stuff played by leading names like Armin Van Buuren and Markus Schulz. Sometimes I would also get requests to do guest mixes for various streaming shows because obviously, people thought I was also a DJ (which I wasn’t). Seeing this as a great opportunity to spread my music and that of my friends, I quickly learned how to put together live mixes using the Traktor Software together with a cheap MIDI controller. Here is one of my better mixes from that era. Hope you enjoy it.



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The Inbetween, new single is out on Spotify

My second single from my next future album is out today on Spotify and the other streaming services.

The Inbetween is another synth heavy dance tune from me, with the usual retro feels. The main synth sounds was created on real synthesizers which was then mangled with a selection of software plugins. If you like this tune, please make sure to click the Follow link in Spotify and then tell all your friends how much you like it. :)

100 followers on Spotify

Yay! Spotify has informed me that I now have 100 followers (actually it’s 101 when writing this).

This makes me happy, but I would lie if I would say it doesn’t matter how many followers I have. Of course it does. I would love to see some more zeroes there, like 1000 or 10000 followers. Not because I would make any more money on my music (I don’t and I wouldn’t), but because more people would actually listen to what I do.

As many small-time, non-touring musicians and producers like me know, getting followers and people to listen to your music is really hard and more of a chance happening, unless you want to spend more time promoting that producing. Sure I could do what many seem to do, pay some money to a clickfarm in India or China. I would get a higher number of “followers” but in the end it would all be fake. It’s just a trumped up value and not an actual representation of real people listening to and liking my music.

Anyway, if you are one of these real 101 persons following me on Spotify. THANK YOU! If you are not, here is the link. :)


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The Inbetween, new single out Friday April 17th

Horray! My next single is done and ready for release.

Set your calender to Friday April 17th or use this link as a reminder. Just like my last tune Two Waves Colliding it was made on real analog intruments in the studio, like the Arp 2600 clone TTSH (Two Thousand Six Hundred Mini Meanie) and the Roland SH-09. It was then mastered using a combination of software (like Izotope Ozone 9) and real hardware, like my Pultec EQ clone and the Prime 4000e SSL mixbus compressor clone.

The Inbetween is a synth heavy dance tune with a focus on melody and atmosphere.

What I’m listening to at the moment: Alex Banks, Purl, Sinius, Matt Morton

It’s time again for that special little list of music I’m currently listening to. Stuff I’ve tended to gravitate towards for the last couple of months or so. Here we go..

Alex Banks – Beneath the Surface

Another under the radar release for me, from Max Cooper’s Mesh label in June 2019, this is one of the best Berlin’ish techno/almost techno album I’ve heard in a long time. Listen to this if you are into acts like Moderat, Modeselector etc. Alex Banks used to tour with Moderat, which becomes pretty obvious listening to this album.

Purl, Sinius – Oceans of Sound

Co-lab album from Sweden’s Purl and UKs Sinius is an expedition into super-relaxing ambient landscapes, always blissful, sometimes with a hint of dub. Very well produced stuff and one of the best ambient albums I’ve heard in a while.

Matt Morton – Apollo 11 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Matt Morton gives his Moog system a spin and comes up with a top notch soundtrack for one of the, in my humble opinion best movies of 2019. This one should be enjoyed with headphones.

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