My studio 1997 and 2022

I have been making electronic music since 1986. In the beginning, it was just me and a Commodore 64. Over time I have been able to buy other equipment to make music. My studio is ever-evolving, ever-changing, as is my music. Here are two photos of my studio’s appearance in 1997 vs. what it looks like today, in 2022.


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My studio 2019

With another decade almost upon us I think this is a good time as any to show you the current state of my studio.

It is, as always in a constant state of flux. Among the things I decided to sell this year, mainly because I wasn’t using it that much was the TB-303 “clone” Xoxbox, the Strymon El Capistan pedal and one or two modules for my modular setup. New stuff in the studio includes the Arturia Beatstep Pro and a CV.OCD which I’m using for controlling my analog gear.

Also I got the HYVE I signed up for during their succesful Kickstarted project. Haven’t used it in my music yet but I’m sure I will find a spot for it in an ambient tune soon. Here is a video from last spring where I’m trying it out.

Another fun little toy, a micro-sampler that I think I actually bought in 2018, but haven’t really used yet is the Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO. Might find some use for it now when I’m working on my next album (More info about that in a later post).

On the same note I also got some stuff to use for voice recording. I have an old Røde NT 2 microphone that I’ve rarely used because it was always such a hassle. A Heavy Duty Studio Arm Mic Stand, a SubZero XLR to USB Signal Converter/Mic Preamp and a SubZero Portable Vocal Booth Isolation Ball makes it super easy now. Whenever I want to add some vocals, words or whatever to a song, I just pull out the Mic Arm, turn on the preamp and I’m ready to record.

And finally I threw out my old, very worn-down chair and got the HÅG Capisco 8107. My back thanks me for it. It’s probably the most ergonomic stylish chair in the world. Got it for a bargain price at an online auction.

Click here to listen to music I made on this eqipment


XAKK Studio

XAKK Studio

XAKK Studio

XAKK Studio

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My studio right now (2018)

XAKK Studio 2018

Lots of things have happened in my studio the last couple of years. I built a TTSH (Arp 2600 clone) and I also got, perhaps a bit carried away with the whole modular thing. :) Anyways, this is what it looks like now. Many of the hardware you see here was used to make my latest album Focus.

There is a more or less complete list of all the stuff on my Studio page.

2017 status update

It’s a new year and I thought I’d just write a few words about the last one. 2016 may have been a strange year for the world but for me personally it was a pretty good one. For starters, I got to travel a lot. I visited Barcelona twice, then Sardinia, Amsterdam, Manchester and made some new friends in the process. It’s been a fun year with lots of positive energy.

Musically, I continued on my quest to finish an album with what I believe is great electronic music. I’m almost there and feel hopeful that it’s all done in the next couple of months. I also changed a few things in my studio – updated the eurorack modular and such. Sold the Monomachine since I didn’t use it that much.

So what else is up for 2017? Well in a week I’m starting a new job. It will be closer to what I enjoy working with which is interaction/UX/UI design for e-commerce. Also it will be much closer to home.

I will also attempt to build a TTSH, an Arp 2600 clone. More about that later.

January 1st, 2017|Blog, Studio, Synthesizer|
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