Repairing the 1961 transistor radio Braun T220

My blue 1961 transistor radio Braun T220 works pretty good but since I’m planning to put it on Ebay I decided it was time to do the electronics versions of an oil change: The re-cap. Changing all the capacitors.

Opening it up I could find eight metal capacitors and one biggie made out of paper. When old gear is failing, the first suspect is almost always the electrolytic capacitors. I have previously repaired a Samsung monitor and a Samsung TV where the only fault was a couple of bulging caps. Total cost to fix that was under a dollar.


All the old capacitors from the Braun T220

In this case where the radio is close to 60 years, there is no reason to keep any of the old caps. If they haven’t completely failed yet it’s just a matter of time and if you would measure their values they are probably all over the place. It wasn’t that much work. It took me around three hours to de-solder all of them and putting in brand new ones. I had to be extra careful not to break any of the many thin copper wires that were soldered left and right in a way you don’t see in newer tech.


The inside of the Braun T220, before the re-cap

Powering on the T220 again I was very happy to find that everything was working and the FM signal now was much stronger than before. Also the sound volume was louder and clearer in a way that I had not anticipated. I guess the radio now sounds like it did when it was new in 1961.

All in all the whole process was pretty fun and much easier than what I had imagined it would be. Everything turned out great, which is not always the case when you start poking around in ancient tech.


The inside of the Braun T220, post re-cap

March 2nd, 2019|Blog, Design, DIY, Hardware, Retro|

Braun Kofferempfänger T220 Designed by Dieter Rams

Look what I got hold of. It’s one of the classic Braun transistor radios from the early 60s, the T220 model, blue version.

Designed by legendary industry designer Dieter Rams, this item is fully working and in great condition.

If you are a designer or interested in good design you probably have already heard about Rams and his 10 principles for good design. If not, here is a good link for that.


February 9th, 2019|Design, Retro|

Found the right spot for my CSS Winner Certificate

CSS Winner liked this site so much that they gave me a star for it.

“It’s our pleasure to inform you that your website has been qualified to be a part of CSS Winner’s STAR category. This also means that you’re one step ahead of nominees. The selection was done based on the submitted website’s design, usability, content as well as functionality.”

So, thank you CSS Winner. It feels good to be a winner and I have already found the right spot for my new certificate. :)

January 30th, 2019|Blog, Design|

My website was nominated for CSS Winner

My webdesign for was nominated for CSS Winner of the day, 10th of January 2019.

I didn’t win that day, which I didn’t expect to really. It’s not that I don’t believe in my design.. I do, but I have always found that it’s usually harder to win the hearts and soul of everybody when doing edgier stuff (music, design, general art). A clean cut minimalistic fashion site will always attract more eyeballs. As will animations, no matter how UX-unfriendly they are, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I’m glad the people at CSS Winner appreciated and nominated my design. The current score of 7.4 is pretty good, I think, considering it’s just a site about me and stuff I like, basically.  I call the design style Outrun Glitch, for the heavy use of the colors blue, purple and cyan combined with glitchty and noisy elements.

January 12th, 2019|Blog, Design|