My music was used in the 2005 Disney game Club Penguin

I was browsing through this years’ Wrapped for Artists on Spotify. As usual, it was a depressing read, once again highlighting my obvious lack of self-promotion and releasing new music to keep the fans interested. Listening rates going steadily down. That sort of stuff.

One interesting thing came out of that ordeal, however. Some plays of my 2005 track Gravitons came from a relatively new playlist called Club Penguin Original Soundtrack. I investigated further and soon found out that apparently Gravitons was used in a hugely popular online game called Club Penguin, back in the mid-2000, and more recently in Club Penguin 3D (CP3D).

I think that is the third game my music has been licensed to so far, as I know of anyway. Maybe I should add ‘Game musician’ to my Linkedin Profile. ;)

December 15th, 2021|Blog, Music, Spotify|

100 followers on Spotify

Yay! Spotify has informed me that I now have 100 followers (actually it’s 101 when writing this).

This makes me happy, but I would lie if I would say it doesn’t matter how many followers I have. Of course it does. I would love to see some more zeroes there, like 1000 or 10000 followers. Not because I would make any more money on my music (I don’t and I wouldn’t), but because more people would actually listen to what I do.

As many small-time, non-touring musicians and producers like me know, getting followers and people to listen to your music is really hard and more of a chance happening, unless you want to spend more time promoting that producing. Sure I could do what many seem to do, pay some money to a clickfarm in India or China. I would get a higher number of “followers” but in the end it would all be fake. It’s just a trumped up value and not an actual representation of real people listening to and liking my music.

Anyway, if you are one of these real 101 persons following me on Spotify. THANK YOU! If you are not, here is the link. :)


100 followers chart
April 13th, 2020|Blog, Music, Spotify|

Follow me on Spotify

Dear visitor, please click the link to follow me on Spotify.

Why? Well, please let me explain: First I would like to say thank you for visiting It means a lot to me. Now I have a small favour to ask you. As you might know I have a new single coming out on Spotify Friday next week. The problem is my music isn’t really in their recommendation loop, and that means not a whole lot of people are going to hear it.

What I need for that to happen is simply more followers on Spotify.

So, if you like my music and have a Spotify account, I would be super happy if you go to my artist page on Spotify and click the Follow-button.

That’s it. Thank you in advance.

A list of what I’m listening to at the moment

Three embedded albums from Spotify follows below, so if you can’t see anything you might need to approve Spotify in your ad-blocker.

ASC – Trans-Neptunian Objects 2 

This is a great piece of Deep Space Ambient with a mysterious aura that permeates all of the tunes.
Best listened to with headphones, lying down on a comfy sofa.

Worriedaboutsatan – Blank Tape

Can’t believe I missed this one when it was released in 2016.
There is a slight distorted retro feeling to many of the sounds that I like a lot. Also a reminiscence of Moderat on some tracks, only a bit trippier.

Underworld – DRIFT Episode 1 “DUST”

Wow, what can I say.. Underworld is back. This is the best thing I have heard from them for almost 20 years.

January 2nd, 2019|Blog, I recommend, Music, Spotify|

My Top 100 tunes in 2018 according to Spotify

Spotify’s automatic end of the year list with my top 100 played tunes in 2018 is a selection of mostly newly released electronic dance music.

There is a lot of great new tunes in here. Innovative chilled beats but also some techno bangers and pure ambient. Check it out if you like the style of my own music and perhaps are interested in what kind of music I listen to for inspiration.

December 24th, 2018|Blog, Music, Spotify|
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