I’m playing Assassins Creed Odyssey on PC

I have put in about 30 hours of game-play in Assassins Creed Odyssey but the game is so huge it feels like I only have scratched the surface. There are still many more islands to visit and I think I’m actually only at around 28% completion. Great story, world-building and I love the mediterranean atmosphere. It takes me back to my summer vacations in Spain and Greece and makes me long for the summer again.

The game feels somehow similar to Origins but even better. It’s bigger, the graphics is better, more life-like and there is a choose-your-own adventure approach where you have to select yourself what to say and how to respond. I like that you don’t always have to choose the violent option. Many times there is actually a peaceful solution to a problem, a solution that doesn’t involve a complete massacre.

As with Origins, I have of course taken the opportunity for some in-game-photography.
Here are some of my better captions so far.


In-game photography: Assassins Creed Origins for PC

I put in around 100 hours playing Assassins Creed Origins and its two DLCs.

It’s such a beautiful, well written game and the world building is top notch. It almost feels like you are there in ancient Egypt, with all the people going about their daily business.

Another thing I really liked was the ability to take screen-shots or in-game photography as some call it. Here are some of the better ones. You can download them and use as background for your desktop if you like.

More pics from Alghero

Boat for hire

Finally here are some of my best photos taken on my iPhone 6, while visiting Sardinia. Even though they were taken on a mobile phone I think they turned out pretty good.

Beach wanderer  Alghero beach mini mural  Alghero bicycling to the beach  Alghero beach wall

July 30th, 2016|Photography|

Some photos I took in Alghero, Sardinia

Bicycle and people on the Alghero beach

Just got back from Italy, after a much needed week of lotsa sun and overall laziness.
Here are some of the pics I took with my Canon EOS 70D.
Most are in black and white, because it’s cool and I like it that way.

Boats on the Alghero beach shore    Girl in the Alghero harbor checking her phone    Mystical beings wandering out into the sea

So what can I write about Alghero? It’s a smallish town in the north-west of Sardinia and it’s hot in the summer (around 30 degrees C and one day it was close to 40). The locals are very friendly and the beaches are top notch. Since we went in mid to late July there wasn’t that many tourists around, which was really nice. Apparently the horde will invade in August when the Italians start their summer vacation.

Mostly everything in town is within walking distance so after three-four days you’ve basically seen everything there is to see. I think people go to Alghero for the relaxing atmosphere, the beautiful beaches and for the food. I liked being there, but seven days was a bit too long. If we had small children with us it would probably have been a completely different story.

July 27th, 2016|Photography|

Barcelona street art

I love just wandering about a hot Barcelona in the summer time, darting from shadow to shadow, inhaling the local vibe. And the street art there is everywhere. Lots of graffiti of course but also some surprisingly good art. Check out the snaps I took when visiting this beautiful city a couple of weeks ago.