A Winter Sampler

It’s time for another recommendation of some great music. I found this expertly selected collection of tracks called “A Winter Sampler” on Spotify. It was released recently on All Day I Dream.

Laid back Deep House music made just the way I like it. I think you will too.


Revenant – New brooding electronica from Worriedaboutsatan

Found some interesting releases on Spotify the last few days, like DRIFT Episode 2, the latest EP from Underworld and Radio Scarecrow, a full album release from The Black Dog.

My number one favorite so far though comes from Yorkshire based duo Worriedaboutsatan and is called Revenant. It has six great synthesizer heavy tracks loaded with beauty and dark atmosphere. Released on Burning Witches Records.


March 11th, 2019|Blog, I recommend, Music|

Banging big room techno by Pig&Dan

Infinity, the latest EP on Drumcode by Igor and Dan aka Pig&Dan is the perfect example of what big room techno is all about at the moment. It has that unmistakable Drumcode sound that is not afraid to borrow themes from other genres, while still staying somewhat true to the techno spirit. There are some trance influences here that isn’t allowed to take over completely but just enough to add to the overall epicness of the four tracks. And those kicks…  Oh man. Devastating!!


March 4th, 2019|Blog, I recommend, Music|

Four Tet Live at Funkhaus Berlin

Four Tet is one of my favorite producers of electronica so beautiful it almost hurts listening to it. 4TLR is a short for Four Tet Live Recordings, the moniker he uses for his live gigs.

If you haven’t heard his music already the album Live at Funkhaus Berlin,10th May 2018 is a great introduction. The live versions of the tunes differs so much from the original studio recordings that they almost sound like something brand new. This is an incredible set with lots of atmosphere. You almost feel like you are there at Funkhaus dancing to the amazing music of 4TLR.


February 18th, 2019|Blog, I recommend, Music|

J.C. & Kastil – No Spiritual Surrender

Here is a great release by J.C. & Kastil on Cabrera that is tricky to put a specific genre on. I would say it’s overall deep techno but there are elements of ambient and industrial noise as well. It’s a dark and edgy, almost apocalyptic world of sound we are thrust into where abstract modular mutated gurgles are backed by a punishing beat.

Best find of the week for me, though it was released over a year ago.
There exists a Part 2 of this release as well, which is more on the ambient side. You will have to head over to their Bandcamp site to listen to that as it doesn’t seem to be available on Spotify yet.


February 10th, 2019|Blog, I recommend, Music|

Cinematic Electronica from Thomas Ragsdale

I’m often amazed of how easy it is nowadays to discover great new music. Back in the day before the internet you would have to rely on the reviews in a weekly or monthly magazine and then get you ass down to the local record store, hoping for a miracle that they actually had the album in question. Today you are just one click away to discover something amazing. Like this album Self Zero by Yorkshire’s Thomas Ragsdale that Spotify quite correctly assumed I would like. It was released in November last year but I just found it through Spotify’s excellent recommendation engine.

Ragsdale spent his formative years making music for TV, movies and advertising companies but gradually shifted into performing live. I would describe the style on Self Zero as Cinematic Ambient Soundscapes. I like it a lot. Check it out!



January 28th, 2019|Blog, I recommend, Music|

Spotify Playlist: Chilled Beats 04

I just put together another Spotify playlist with the best chilled tracks I’m listening to at the moment.

Chilled Beats 04

Two hours of the best Deep House, Ambient Grooves and Laid Back Electronic Music, selected by me. Got some fresh tracks here from masters of laid back electronic music, like C-Jay, Apparat, Jan Blomqvist and State Azure. Enjoy, and don’t forget to hit that Follow button in Spotify.

Photo by Alexandra Marcu