John Keding & Björn Fogelberg make their ICONYC Noir debut with a brand-new single entitled ‘Desperately’. The Swedish producers developed a universally loved unique style; dynamic, groovy, deep and hypnotic fusion of genres that perfectly fits in any kind of club or open-air festival.

‘Desperately’ finds John Keding & Björn Fogelberg at their creative best with a driving, hypnotic production that’s nicely dialed in or the dance floor. Punchy beats and a full, driving groove anchor the piece, as vibrant tones and spacey effects adorn the framework. The main break hits suddenly and its astral charm quickly saturates your pleasure centers, before melting down to a cavernous reservoir as the beats drop for a storming finale.

The first remix of ‘Desperately’ comes courtesy of Berlin mainstay Ben Haydie who also marks his label debut with a gorgeous melodic take. The German artist reshapes the original elements into something dreamier and more melodic spacious sounding. The wonk factor on the low end is quite high and monumentally groovy as well, nicely playing off the rolling rhythmic qualities as dulcet hooks and gentle harmonics drift in and out of the framework. The main break shifts the narrative into more emotive territory but the dance floor sensibility remains, with muted beats and percussive clusters building towards a tasteful drop. Superb rework from Ben Haydie.

The second rework comes from label mainstay K Loveski. The Russian producer who has seen his excellent releases on Soundgarden, Mango Alley, and Droid9 to name a few, turns in a brilliant interpretation here. Deep, compelling and acutely driving dark progressive house beats, are the name of the game. The deep qualities and richly textured groove make for a lovely first act. As atmospheres evolve, distinctive stabs steal the air, before a massive break takes you further into a haze of deep progressive audio euphoria, perfectly setting up a grand finale to close out this masterpiece. A brilliant remix from K Loveski that is destined for the sets of the big boy progressive brigade. Highly recommended.

Catalog Number: #NOIR044X
Release Date: December 1st, 2023
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