It’s time again for that special little list of music I’m currently listening to. Stuff I’ve tended to gravitate towards for the last couple of months or so. Here we go..

Alex Banks – Beneath the Surface

Another under the radar release for me, from Max Cooper’s Mesh label in June 2019, this is one of the best Berlin’ish techno/almost techno album I’ve heard in a long time. Listen to this if you are into acts like Moderat, Modeselector etc. Alex Banks used to tour with Moderat, which becomes pretty obvious listening to this album.

Purl, Sinius – Oceans of Sound

Co-lab album from Sweden’s Purl and UKs Sinius is an expedition into super-relaxing ambient landscapes, always blissful, sometimes with a hint of dub. Very well produced stuff and one of the best ambient albums I’ve heard in a while.

Matt Morton – Apollo 11 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Matt Morton gives his Moog system a spin and comes up with a top notch soundtrack for one of the, in my humble opinion best movies of 2019. This one should be enjoyed with headphones.