It’s time for another ‘Here’s what I’m listening to’.
These are some of the albums that I have gravitated towards for the last month or so. All within the spectrum of electronic music.
All with my personal stamp of approval.

First out is Bones by Datach’i, aka Joseph Fraioli from Los Angeles, California. Friends of glitchy probability electronica have probably heard his music before, his first release 10110101=[rec+play] was 20 years ago. Very well produced with interesting textures and unexpected twists and turns. An album for special moments.


Next up, dreamy synth based pop. MOTSA is a new discovery for me. His debut album Perspectives was inspired by his acute awareness of modern society’s dependence on technology and the social media bubble also responsible for globally polarizing our current civilization. The highlights on this album are No Fear (with David Österle), Harp Enough, Rolling Back (Madeline Kenney) and Salvation (with David Österle).


Techno time. Gëinst produces music mainly inspired by nature. Released in 2018, Gallery is all about beautiful drones and ambient sounds soaked in bass. Long journeys into sound. Basic Ambient Techno that I enjoy very much. More of this please.


We finish with Melt, another fine release on All Day I Dream by the man himself, Lee Burridge together with Lost Desert. Deep technicolor emotionalism for lazy days by the pool, sunset or sunrise. Comforting Deep House at its finest.