I’m pausing the music making for a while until I have decided what to do. At the moment I’m putting most of my energy into making games and apps for iPhone. To be frank it hasn’t been that fun to make music in a while..

Well that’s not entirely true – making music is still fun, but releasing it is another story.

I don’t have fan base to speak of (not that I know of anyway), and after handing the tracks over to a record company for release, that’s mostly the end of it. The track is released – it sells, at most, a couple of hundred copies. I rarely make any money of it and basically never get any feedback besides from the record company and my closest friends.

So I’m playing around with the thought of just quitting making dance music for one shot releases and instead start to work on my third full length album.

Let’s see how things pan out in the near future. Atm it’s all about my iPhone game PLOP Master which will be released any day now on App Store. After that have two other apps in development and possible a third, music related app, that I’m planning to do.