I now have a portfolio on iStockphoto

May 25, 2010  |  Blog, Photography

I just got my first photos accepted for licensing on the photo library site iStockphoto. I’m really happy about this because they have rather high standards to get accepted. Check it out!


  1. how did you get accepted, i have been trying for so long, and cant seem to get the equation right. any tips on getting accepted

  2. Yes they are really really picky. This was my second attempt. I tried first time in 2008 and in retrospect I understand now why they didn’t accept those pictures. I think what they are looking for is first of all, something that their customers can use – for commercials, web sites etc. If you really want to sell pictures you have to start thinking like the customers of these library sites. What do they want?

    A tip would be to find a niche and focus on that. For example if you check out professional sites about food, there would be a lot of pictures of food and beverages – many of those pics are probably bought from a library site like iStockphoto. Or when you read any of the sites about economy, there will always be a lot of stock photo imagery. When the stockmarket falls you will se pics of grieving people and when it’s up, it’s the otherway around. 🙂

    Then of course there’s the technical issues. The pictures have to look good and be technically, if not perfect but better than good. I had some pics denied because I used too much contrast or they had too much noise.

    That’s all I can think about for now. Good luck! 🙂