I just realized I hadn’t written anything in my blog since August. OK, here we go. A little update of what I have been up to for the last four months.

We all know what a horrible year 2020 was. I won’t delve any deeper into that shit show. Apart from working from home and not seeing anybody but the closest family, I’m doing fine. I got a steady income, the family is fine, no-one has been sick.

Apart from watching movies and playing games, I’ve spent most of my spare time on three major projects. Making new music for my next album, modding Game Boys, and writing a book.

The music-making has been going slower than I anticipated, I admit. So far, I got five tunes finished for the next album. I want to do five or six more before that project is done and ready for release, hopefully sometime in 2021.

Modding Game Boys has been an ongoing project for a while. The feeling I have right now when writing this is that the next five will be the last ones I do for a long time. Maybe forever. Let us see how that develops. Contact me if you are interested in obtaining one of the last.

And finally, the book I’m writing. I can’t tell you much about it yet. It’s 80% finished, and it’s not fiction. More about that later.

And that’s that. A happy New Year to you all, and let us all hope 2021 turns out better. I’m confident it will.