The advances in computer generated imagery is moving forward in such a breakneck speed that it’s hard to keep track of it all. It seems like just yesterday when Google announced Deep Dream. Today that looks like ancient technology compared to the latest in computer generating algorithms like This Person Does not Exist and Deep Fakes.

I found another cool and very creative tool called Ganbreeder that lets you select images and “breed” them with each other. The idea is simple but I doubt that the code behind it is. It works like this: You select an image and “breed” it with one or several other images. You can set the level of the “genes” of each image, meaning increasing or decreasing the chance of the characteristics of the image (shapes, colors etc) making it to the end result – the child. Then you can use that said child image and breed that, and so on and so on.
It’s a bit tricky at start to get anything good out of it, but with some practice, well see for your self below.. The whole affair is till pretty low res but there should hopefully be a pro version available soon, where you can save your results in higher resolutions.

Check out more of my Ganbreeded images here


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