2018 is upon us and I guess it’s time to look back on the year that has been – its ups and downs.
It started off pretty good in January as I got a new day-job working closer to home. I’m still in the web design profession, only these days It has fancier titles like UX Expert or Senior UX/UI Designer. It’s a good job and it has some nice perks that I enjoy, like the once-in-a-while travelling. Through my work I got to visit places like Malta and Milan, Italy. Also me and my gf went on a short trip to Prague in the summer, which was nice.

My interest for building stuff had previously led me into finding out about and ultimately buying a kit for the TTSH, which is a scaled down clone of the legendary semi-modular synth Arp 2600. This year I built this thing and I won’t lie, it was a huge project. It took me months to finish. I had some problems on the way but managed to fix them all. The beast is now fully functional and placed on a shelf in front of me as I write this post.

Then my friend from back in the day, Andreas Ohlsson aka Mr. Bacher/XAKK in the Commodore 64 80-s scene died in May. I haven’t seen Andreas for close to 20 years but it still hits you in the feels.

Somehow I managed to find time for making some new music and in August I had finished enough tracks to release a new full-length album. Focus was released digitally on August 25th. I’m happy with the result and people seem to like it.

In September my close friend Jerry Wiener passed. I’ve known him for 17 years and yes, the news about his death hit me pretty hard. Still find it hard to accept that he has moved on.

So that was my 2017. The short version of it anyway.