I noticed I haven’t been writing anything on my web site for a while, so here goes. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of music on my new Elektron Monomachine and soon I will probably have enough tracks to actually release my third full length album. So why this sudden burst of creativity? Well, it’s probably because of the workflow of the Monomachine. I find that it’s much much easier for me to record my ideas when I get a burst of inspiration. Making music with Ableton Live on a computer is not particularly difficult but it still takes longer time to convert the ideas to sounds and music. On the Monomachine I can go from scratch – no sounds and no music, to an almost complete track in a matter of hours. I also like the sound machines on the Monomachine. It’s easy to create stuff that sounds good. I really like this box.
And I also bought a X0xb0x for the studio. It’s a TB-303 clone. Expect more acid-like basses in my music in the future.