Site updated with Soundcloud HTML 5 player

January 7, 2012  |  Music

I’ve done an overhaul of the Soundcloud music players on With the new HTML5 player, you can now also listen to my music if you use iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. All my released tracks, including remixes by other artists can be found in the My Music section, and all the official remixes by me in the Remixes section.

Check out if you want to play all my music in the background on your mobile device.


  1. Nice post. It would be even better if this site featured stand demos of these features so that users can get a clean look at the code. Please add a demo section containing a working implementation plus an explanation of the code.Buying and taking that plugin and integrating it into WP is really good for beginers . I would just like to share with everyone html5 media player

  2. There’s nothing really to explain. The code is free and you just copy the code from the track in Soundcloud and paste it into a page or post in WordPress. Simple as abc. 🙂