Big day today as my first game for iOS called PLOP Master was released on App Store. If you enjoy addictive little games for iPhone, then check it out and let me know what you think.

“In this colorful game you touch three red dots at a time to keep the energy meter in check. The farther away these “plops” are from each other when you touch them, the more energy you will gain as they join together.

Anybody can play PLOP Master. The game starts out very easy but soon gets harder. Objects will appear that you must avoid, and the energy will drain away at a faster rate.”

* Fun and addictive gameplay.
* Beautiful graphics with lots of happy colors.
* Unlimited number of levels.
* Bonus levels: Tap the stars as fast as possible.
* Three difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard.
* Original 80s retro soundtrack. Chip tunes straight out of the Commodore 64.
* Retro sound effects, made on old analog synthesizers.
* Supports Retina Display.

Link to PLOP Master on iTunes