The more I learn signed to PR Records

November 5, 2012  |  Blog, Music

Yup we finally signed the papers for our track Renegades – The more I learn. It will be released sometime in the near future by swedish label group PR Records. This is a good deal, PR Records is one of the major label groups for dance music in Sweden and they have a distribution deal with Warner Music.

Hovelmann-Paradise Press Release

July 20, 2012  |  Blog, Music

This is the second single Hovelmann has released on 19BOX RECORDINGS. ‘Paradise’ is the follow-up to ‘In House We Trance’ and is a pumping piano anthem akin to early 1990s Italian house productions. Despite this, it’s not handbag house or rave-y. The whirling and driving timbres will surely have devas-tating effects on the dancefloor. Previous efforts from the Swede have seen releases on labels such as SYSTEM RECORDINGS and DUMB RECORDS.

Not content with just one Swedish mastermind, we have managed to call in another one of our favourite Scandinavians on remix duties. As a result of Hovelman having remixed Bjorn Fogelberg’s ‘Before + After’, Mr. Fogelberg has returned the favour by housing-up the original. Bjorn is a man of many talents – music producer, web designer, indie game developer and the former label owner of XAKK RECORDS – which released his own productions. He has released tracks on SYSTEM RECORDINGS , SICK WATONA and of course his very own XAKK RECORDS.

RELEASE DATE : 2012.08.13(beatport) , 2012.09.10

Listen to my first remix in ages

June 16, 2012  |  Blog, Music

I have uploaded a clip of the first piece of music to be created in the XAKK Studio in over a year and a half. My remix of “Paradise” by swedish DJ and producer Hovelmann will be released together with the original on 19Box Recordings later in 2012.

New remix finished

April 27, 2012  |  Apps, Music

I’ve been working on a remix of Pontus Hovelmann’s track “Paradise” for a while and some days ago I finally finished it. As soon as I have permission from the record company I will add a demo version on my Soundcloud page. This remix is my first official work done on Ableton Live Suite, which means I’m not using Cakewalk Sonar anymore.

Site updated with Soundcloud HTML 5 player

January 7, 2012  |  Music

I’ve done an overhaul of the Soundcloud music players on With the new HTML5 player, you can now also listen to my music if you use iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. All my released tracks, including remixes by other artists can be found in the My Music section, and all the official remixes by me in the Remixes section.

Check out if you want to play all my music in the background on your mobile device.

What I’m doing at this moment

December 23, 2011  |  Apps, Blog, Kids Beads, Mobile, Music

Winter has come and for me this brings a week and a half of sweet vacation (Thank you Swedish working laws). Thus more time to do some fun stuff.

Music wise, I will now switch from Cakewalk Sonar to the much more intuitive Ableton Live. Such a great DAW to use. I have a feeling it will simplify my struggles to make music exponentially.

After the initial success of Kids Beads for iPhone, I will now work on the first update. I aim to have it ready for upload to App Store when they resume business on December 30th. Right now all updates are frozen due to the Christmas Holiday at Apple.

And I’m working on a just for fun music app for iPhone. More info about that will be revealed later.

Working on a small Sound App for iPhone

December 7, 2011  |  Apps, Blog, Mobile, Music

While waiting for inspiration to start making music again I’ve started to work on a small sound app for iPhone. It will be a pretty simple thing that you can play around with and make some crazy sounds, and perhaps even some crude music. I’ve promised myself that this will be a “max 1 month” project. Not sure I will charge anything for it. It all depends on the result.