Dots & Stars for iPhone

July 5, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile

I have now uploaded the first major update of my iPhone game to App Store. The game formally known as Plop Master will now be called Dots & Stars. Awaiting Apple’s approval (which usually takes one week) I will make a new gameplay video for youtube and move the official web site to

It’s finally summer in Sweden

July 3, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile, Music

And my four weeks of much needed vacation starts tomorrow. 🙂

So what’s up? Well, the first update of my iPhone game took waaay longer to finish than anticipated. Today all the major bugs have finally been squashed and I’m planning to upload it to App Store asap.

There’s a silver lining to this of course – I learned A LOT working on this update. Stuff I can and will use for future iPhone game projects.

Since I put all my spare time attention on developing this game I haven’t made any new music this year. I haven’t quit making music – just taking a break from it. I have several plans for new music in the near future – collaborations, and original material.

One release is coming up soon though – Inside Out, a track I did last year will be release together with a bunch of cool remixes on one of Ricky Ryan’s labels. More info will follow.

PLOP Master update finished and ready for testing

May 21, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile

Finally I’m finished working on my first upload for my iPhone game formally known as PLOP Master. Some testing will be done in the next couple of days and if no major bugs are found it will be added to App Store next week. Some new features in this update:

– New name and some layout changed = nicer look
– New icon
– New type of dot added = more varied gameplay
– Moving stuff that the dots bounce on = more varied gameplay
– Gamecenter Leaderboard (yay!)
– Quit-button on pause screen added
– Minor bugs fixed

And more..

Status report for PLOP Master

May 2, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile

I’m currently working on the first update for PLOP Master and when it’s released, the game will be renamed and rebranded. I’ve come up with a much better name for the game that better reflect the game play. Check out the new icon that I finished the other day.

PLOP Master for iPhone released on App Store

April 8, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile

Big day today as my first game for iOS called PLOP Master was released on App Store. If you enjoy addictive little games for iPhone, then check it out and let me know what you think.

“In this colorful game you touch three red dots at a time to keep the energy meter in check. The farther away these “plops” are from each other when you touch them, the more energy you will gain as they join together.

Anybody can play PLOP Master. The game starts out very easy but soon gets harder. Objects will appear that you must avoid, and the energy will drain away at a faster rate.”

* Fun and addictive gameplay.
* Beautiful graphics with lots of happy colors.
* Unlimited number of levels.
* Bonus levels: Tap the stars as fast as possible.
* Three difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard.
* Original 80s retro soundtrack. Chip tunes straight out of the Commodore 64.
* Retro sound effects, made on old analog synthesizers.
* Supports Retina Display.

Link to PLOP Master on iTunes

I’m taking a pause

April 7, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile, Music

I’m pausing the music making for a while until I have decided what to do. At the moment I’m putting most of my energy into making games and apps for iPhone. To be frank it hasn’t been that fun to make music in a while..

Well that’s not entirely true – making music is still fun, but releasing it is another story.

I don’t have fan base to speak of (not that I know of anyway), and after handing the tracks over to a record company for release, that’s mostly the end of it. The track is released – it sells, at most, a couple of hundred copies. I rarely make any money of it and basically never get any feedback besides from the record company and my closest friends.

So I’m playing around with the thought of just quitting making dance music for one shot releases and instead start to work on my third full length album.

Let’s see how things pan out in the near future. Atm it’s all about my iPhone game PLOP Master which will be released any day now on App Store. After that have two other apps in development and possible a third, music related app, that I’m planning to do.

PLOP Master-In game video

March 26, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile

PLOP Master has now been added to App Store, awaiting approval. In the meantime, check out this video I just made.


PLOP Master is finished

March 17, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile

After nearly two months of development I have finished version 1 of my game PLOP Master for iPhone. Only problem now is that I can’t upload it to App Store because of some strange limitations to my account there. Currently I’m waiting for Apple to have a look at it.. and let me tell you, that takes tiiiiime. It took them two days to answer my first email only to conclude that I should contact another branch of customer support. Now I’m waiting for their reply, which I suspect will take two more days.

Introducing PLOP Master

March 8, 2011  |  Mobile

Yes I have now finished the development of my game for the iPhone and Ipod Touch. PLOP Master will soon be added to the App Store. While I’m waiting for Apple’s approval, I’m going to create a web site on my domain (nothing there yet though).