Finally Windows 7

May 16, 2010  |  Blog, Gear

It took me 2-3 days to get everything working again but now finally my computer runs Windows 7. Everything seems to work, even my old Yamaha DSP Factory sound card. I opened up a couple of tracks I’m working on and Cakewalk Sonar seems to work including, almost, all the plugins. Now I can concentrate on making music again.

Updating to Windows 7 from XP

May 12, 2010  |  Blog, Gear

I’ve been waiting for the right time to update from Windows XP. When my old hard drive started to act funny the other day I saw this as a acute reason to get a new one and install Windows 7 in the process.
Why hasn’t this been done earlier? Well, I guess it’s a combination of lazyness and the fact that everything was still working well on XP.
I have some older hardware, like the Yamaha DSP Factory sound card, that wasn’t supported in Vista. Thus the long wait.
Anyway… So yesterday I installed Windows 7, the 64 bit version.. bad mistake. Afterwards I found out that I could only use my older hardware, and their 32 bit drivers, on the 32 bit version of Windows 7. So now I have to reinstall Windows 7 again – 32 bit version this time. Oh happy happy. I just want to make music…

Little bright flashes of creativity

April 14, 2010  |  Blog

Such a strange and long process it is for me to create my own music nowadays. Remixing other artists are usually not a problem. I tend to pin that down in a week or two. But my own stuff.. can take months to finish. I probably spend around 80-90% of that time testing out different arrangements, then throwing them away when listening to it the next day. Testing different drums, different sounds, different basslines. Then once in a while, just maybe.. if all the stars are correctly aligned, I get a sudden flash of inspiration and rebuild and finish the whole track in a couple of hours. I just wish those flashes could come more often. I need a break from life so I can make more music. Oh well..

More remixes added

April 12, 2010  |  Blog

I have added three older remixes to the soundcloud player, located to the right. My ambient remix of Mystical Sun – Nebulous mist (unreleased), and my remix/cover versions of Jean Michel Jarre – Zoolook and Klaus Schulze’s Brave old sequence.

Malcolm McLaren dead at 64

April 8, 2010  |  Blog

Sad news. The legendary manager, producer and artist Malcolm McLaren died of cancer earlier today. I found a snippet on youtube from an interview on Enough Rope. What a fascinating character he was.

I’m working on new music

April 8, 2010  |  Blog

I still have a bunch of older music that I will add to the site during the next weeks or so. Also I got ideas for some more pages and info that will be added soon. In the meantime I’m working on a new original track, which is kind of exciting because it has been a while since I did something of my own. When it’s good enough to show to the world I’ll add a demo here (or technically on Soundcloud – which is a really good site).

My Amiga game called Cybergames

March 29, 2010  |  Blog

When I was 16-17 years old I wanted to work as a computer games developer.¬† This was in the mid 80’s and Sweden didn’t have the games industry of today. The founding members of Digital Illusions (Battlefield¬†etc)¬†was still cracking games and calling themselves The Silents.¬†

If you wanted to work as games developer in Sweden you either had to land a freelance job or do all by yourself, and then try to get interest from a British distributor or games company.  

My first try was a space shooter for the Commodore 64 that I did together with a friend. It took too long to develop (due to school etc) and by the time we had a demo ready, the Commodore 64 computer was phased out by the Amiga.

My next try was a game I did together with another friend, this time on the Amiga. It also took way to long to finish but we did actually release it, in 1995,  just in time for the big Commodore bankruptcy and the commercial death of the Amiga. All companies started to move on to the PC so good luck finding anyone interested in our Amiga game. We decided to release it as shareware and forget about the whole thing and the thousands of hours invested in it.

This game was called Cybergames (This was before the unrelated Cyber Games tournaments started).¬†Thanks to the internet it’s still out there. Today I found a Polish review of the game, from 2006, which is kind of amazing concidering Cybergames was released 15 years ago.

If you know polish, here’s the review. If not, you could always look at the pretty pictures. ūüėČ