My summer vacation

July 8, 2010  |  Blog, Music

Yes! Tomorrow is my last day at work and then my four week summer vacation will FINALLY begin. I have been working on a new tune for a while but now it’s (hopefully) almost finished. I will post it on Soundcloud when it’s done. Then I will start on another remixing project of a Japanese artist.

Swedish midsummer

June 25, 2010  |  Blog, Fun

Today is the Swedish midsummer – when children dance around a giant phallo symbol made of flowers while grownups have a legit reason to let their hair down and get really drunk. 🙂


June 3, 2010  |  Blog, Music

I’ve been pretty sick for the last week or so but now I’m slowly getting back to “normal”. I’m working on a new track which I hope to finish soon. And the weather is finally getting better in Sweden which does add to the inspiration. The winter has been too long.