PLOP Master is finished

March 17, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile

After nearly two months of development I have finished version 1 of my game PLOP Master for iPhone. Only problem now is that I can’t upload it to App Store because of some strange limitations to my account there. Currently I’m waiting for Apple to have a look at it.. and let me tell you, that takes tiiiiime. It took them two days to answer my first email only to conclude that I should contact another branch of customer support. Now I’m waiting for their reply, which I suspect will take two more days.

Download free tunes

February 6, 2011  |  Blog, Music

Today I made some of my older stuff available for free download on Soundcloud. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and now it’s done. The tunes are Gravitons, Mind your matter, A brand new world, The black hole in my heart (original and 2007 version) and my remix of the Inspektör Pansar track Gotland yard.
All tracks were released on my label XAKK Records. Head on over to to download.

My iPhone game

January 25, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile

I’m spending most of my spare time on developing a game for the iPhone. At the moment it’s actually a fully functioning game, though it lacks sound and some other stuff in the gameplay. I hope to have it all nailed down within a couple of weeks and then I will probably need another week or two for testing and tweaking. I’ll post a video of the game on when it’s good enough to show to the world.

2011-whats up!?

January 9, 2011  |  Blog

2010 was probably one of my most productive year so far. I had the privilege to work on many remixes, some collaborations and some of my own tracks got signed and released as well.

Now I will put a pause on  music making for a while and try to gather some inspirational strength. In the meantime I will mostly work on my first game for the iPhone. It’s still in an early phase – it’s just a simple demo on an old ipod touch atm. But hopefully soon it will be playable and ready for release on Apples app store. I’m aiming for release within 3-4 months time. More info will follow as the game progresses.

Maximiliano Iborquiza-Fever (Bjorn Fogelberg Remix)

December 14, 2010  |  Blog, Music

Finally I have finished my last piece of music for 2010. Maximiliano Iborquiza – Fever (Bjorn Fogelberg Remix). It will be released on LuPS Records next year. Yay! Now I will devote the next couple of months for a secret project, which isn’t music related.

Working on a new remix, and other projects…

November 13, 2010  |  Blog

Haven’t had much time or inspiration for the last couple of weeks to work on any new music of my own. However a while ago I started on a new remix. It’s a track by Maximiliano Iborquiza called Fever. I think it will be done within the next couple of weeks. The deadline is set to mid December which should’t be any problems for me. 
A track that I finished some time ago – Inside out – has been signed by Ricky Ryan’s label Sick Watona.
I’m planning to mod my two Alesis 3630’s compressors. They sit pretty much unused in the rack today but after modding them I will try to use one as final compressor on all my future tracks. I got all the parts needed. Just need some time to sit down and do it.

More releases added

October 24, 2010  |  Blog, Music

Today I added one more release to the compilation page. It’s the track Sean Bay – Esperanza (Bjorn Fogelberg Remix), which is part of the recently released Trance Plant – Laidback Trance Seed 7, released on Banshee Worx. Then I added a collaboration track and a remix track to the remix page – Hideout vs Jellymaze – Hide and seek (19 Box Recordings) and the recenly completed Vela – Nobody’s business (Bjorn Fogelberg remix). All tracks are of course available on Beatport >>.