Vote for Kids Beads on iHeartThisApp

December 25, 2011  |  Apps, Kids Beads, Mobile

Kids Beads for iPhone was today listed on the family oriented site iHeartThisApp.

Every week they write about the five most voted apps on the site. When this week is over. we would like to be one of those five. 🙂

You can help us out by voting for Kids Beads. It’s really simple, just click here to vote for Kids Beads and then click on the red heart where it says i heart. You don’t have to register or log in or anything. Thanks for your help.

What I’m doing at this moment

December 23, 2011  |  Apps, Blog, Kids Beads, Mobile, Music

Winter has come and for me this brings a week and a half of sweet vacation (Thank you Swedish working laws). Thus more time to do some fun stuff.

Music wise, I will now switch from Cakewalk Sonar to the much more intuitive Ableton Live. Such a great DAW to use. I have a feeling it will simplify my struggles to make music exponentially.

After the initial success of Kids Beads for iPhone, I will now work on the first update. I aim to have it ready for upload to App Store when they resume business on December 30th. Right now all updates are frozen due to the Christmas Holiday at Apple.

And I’m working on a just for fun music app for iPhone. More info about that will be revealed later.

Kids Beads enter App Store TOP 50

December 21, 2011  |  Apps, Blog, Kids Beads, Mobile

Today we temporarily dropped the price for Kids Beads, from $1.99 to $0.99.
Within hours the app reached the top 50 list for most downloaded kids Games on App Store. I’m not sure how long it will stay in that region (hopefully as long as possible) but for now we’re just happy that so many people are downloading it.

Kids Beads gameplay video

December 13, 2011  |  Apps, Blog, Kids Beads, Mobile

Kids Beads is a creative game designed for preschool kids.
Make a virtual necklace by dragging and dropping the colorful beads. Tap on one of the girls to hang the sparkling necklace around her neck. Kids Beads for iPhone and iPod Touch will be released on App Store December 19th.


Working on a small Sound App for iPhone

December 7, 2011  |  Apps, Blog, Mobile, Music

While waiting for inspiration to start making music again I’ve started to work on a small sound app for iPhone. It will be a pretty simple thing that you can play around with and make some crazy sounds, and perhaps even some crude music. I’ve promised myself that this will be a “max 1 month” project. Not sure I will charge anything for it. It all depends on the result.