Finished another modded Game Boy DMG-01

Check out this Game Boy that I modded recently. It’s an original red Play it loud shell with new yellow buttons and golden screen. All the usual mods of course: Backlight screen, Bivert chip, Prosound, Less noise and new silicon parts. I enjoyed doing one that really looks like a 90s toy

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Lyseric techno from Blondes

In my little blog series with music that currently inspires me I continue with Blondes and their album Warmth. It was released in 2017 but I just recently found it through Spotify’s excellent recommendation engine. The duo is from New York and consists of Sam Haar and Zach Steinman. Warmth has of 10 tracks of lysergic techno fused with their characteristic synth-work and atmospherics.


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I’m building the BASTL Cinnamon State Variable Filter

This lazy Sunday I’m building the DIY kit version of the BASTL Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter for Eurorack.

It’s one of the missing pieces in my Eurorack system since I don’t have any good stand-alone filter. Actually I bought it about a month ago but I have been setting this aside until the new website was finished and launched. I expect this build to take around 2-3 hours.

Here is a video from BASTL where they demonstrate the Cinnamon.


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Proper Electro Acid from Stefan Gubatz

The album Mono from Stefan Gubatz shows that all the hardware you really need to make a great sounding Electro Acid album is a Roland TB-303 and a Roland TR-808 drum machine. Add some reverb and delay to that and there you have it. Masterfully programmed groovy beats and trippy basslines. This one goes straight into my saved albums library on Spotify.

Originally released in 2015 but now available for streaming on Spotify as well.

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Retro-modding old Game Boys to look good and sound great

One of my little past time hobbies for the last 6 months or so has been modding old Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01. Here are some of the nicest looking ones that I’ve done.

They all have similar internal mods, which usually are: Better visuals in the form of a backlight device and a bivert chip. Better sound with the so called Prosound mod, Bass mod and power strip capacitor mod to reduce noise and hiss.

I also always replace the internal silicon parts and the screen that covers the LCD display. Last and probably most important is to make the shell look cool which is either done by modifying the shell in some way or just finding the right combination of original shell color, screen and buttons. I gave also done some experiments with spray painting. The finish of the Game Boy at the top of this post was done by spray painting real aluminium spray two times. Two layers of coating was then added to make sure that the color stays on with use. It was a lot of work but I think the result was really good. The aluminium particles made it glitter in sunlight.

The result of my modding is something that you can use to plays the old classic Game Boy games and actually see what is happening on the screen without being in direct sunlight or under a lamp. Also the sound is of course much better: bassier and clearer.

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