The Björn Fogelberg TR-707/808/909 patch set for the LXR

Do you want your Sonic Potions LXR drum machine to sound similar(ish) to a Roland TR-707, TR-808 or TR-909. Of course you do. Download my patches for LXR here. Let me know if you like what I made.

Free samples for music production

Back in the day I used to run a website called Analoguesamples which contained loads and loads of free sounds from classic analog synths and drum machines. That also inspired me to produce two CD-ROM with my own sounds. They were called Killer Tweaks One and Two.

On this page you can download some of these sounds for free. I might add some more in the future if anyone is interested. Please leave a comment below or write on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social tool you like to use. If enough people is interested in this I will add more stuff for you to download.

101 Free samples by Björn Fogelberg (Drones, Drums, FX, Pads, Sweeps)

Click here to download [10 MB]


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