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Time to Focus. My new album is out!

August 25, 2017  |  Blog, Focus, Music

Finally it’s August the 25th and my third full-length album has been released. I thought I should write a few words about how it came to be.

My first album 64 was produced and released by myself way back in 1996 and my second one came out on a German label in 1999. The plan was to finish number three a couple of years later, at the latest. I actually finished some tunes but everything changed when I discovered the club scene in 2001. After that I produced mostly electronic dance music.

After a while people and labels in the club scene started to ask me if I wanted to do remixes for them. That sounded like fun so I did quite a lot of that, for quite a few years. I also released a bunch of EPs with my own dance music, on my own label and on other people’s labels. But somehow I never really managed to produce enough good tunes to fill up an entire album. Then a few years ago I though, enough is enough. This remixing business wasn’t doing anything for me anymore and I had kind of reached a plateau with my producing skills. Then about three years ago I got into modular synthesizers and suddenly I had lots of inspiration to make music again. In just a couple of months I produced 3-4 good tracks. The idea for a third full-lengther came into light again.

The result is Focus. I hope you like it.

Here is the official press release

Listen and buy here:

my Bandcamp page
Google Play
Amazon Music

Seems like it’s not up on Beatport or Juno Digital just yet.

What my modular setup looks like today

August 13, 2017  |  Blog, Hardware, modular, Studio

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This is the startpoint of many of my musical creations these days. Half of the tracks on my next album Focus has sounds and sequences created on this baby. Björn Fogelberg – Focus is released on Bandcamp, Spotify, Beatport, Apple music etc on August 25 #modularsynth #modular #synthesizers #mutableinstruments #hexinverter #makenoise #musicproducer #edmproducer #musicstudio #musicproduction

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My third album will be called “Focus”

August 4, 2017  |  Blog, Music, Music production

My third full-length album “Focus” will be released on August 25th. It is the culmination of my work in the studio for the last two and a half years. The overall style of “Focus” will be electronic dance music, with elements of house, progressive, techno, ambient and even a bit of space music.
“Focus” will be available on my Bandcamp page, Apple Music and all the usual streaming places.

Photo by Efe Kurnaz.