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My iPhone game

January 25, 2011  |  Blog, Mobile

I’m spending most of my spare time on developing a game for the iPhone. At the moment it’s actually a fully functioning game, though it lacks sound and some other stuff in the gameplay. I hope to have it all nailed down within a couple of weeks and then I will probably need another week or two for testing and tweaking. I’ll post a video of the game on when it’s good enough to show to the world.

2011-whats up!?

January 9, 2011  |  Blog

2010 was probably one of my most productive year so far. I had the privilege to work on many remixes, some collaborations and some of my own tracks got signed and released as well.

Now I will put a pause on  music making for a while and try to gather some inspirational strength. In the meantime I will mostly work on my first game for the iPhone. It’s still in an early phase – it’s just a simple demo on an old ipod touch atm. But hopefully soon it will be playable and ready for release on Apples app store. I’m aiming for release within 3-4 months time. More info will follow as the game progresses.