Midibox CV, my next addition to the studio

March 31, 2010  |  Gear

The Midibox projects, initiated by Thorsten Klose, contains a growing collection of some amazing DIY stuff. Like the Sid Synth, FM Synth, the Midibox 808 (A “Do it yourself” Roland TR-808 clone), and the Midibox CV – which is what I’m looking into at the moment. The latter is a basically a box to control analog synths and other equipment through CV, Control Voltage – which is the pre-MIDI way to control old stuff. Like my Roland System-100, SH-09 and the Frostwave resonator (Korg MS-20 filter). Today I use a Kenton Pro 2 MIDI to CV converter which works OK but I need to take it to the next level, hence the Midibox CV. Below is a video of another Midibox project done the De Luxe way – It’s the MB 6582, based on the Midibox Sid 2. Since it’s DYI, everything is available if you want to build one yourself. All you need is time, money and a soldering iron. Amazing!