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Midibox CV, my next addition to the studio

March 31, 2010  |  Gear

The Midibox projects, initiated by Thorsten Klose, contains a growing collection of some amazing DIY stuff. Like the Sid Synth, FM Synth, the Midibox 808 (A “Do it yourself” Roland TR-808 clone), and the Midibox CV – which is what I’m looking into at the moment. The latter is a basically a box to control analog synths and other equipment through CV, Control Voltage – which is the pre-MIDI way to control old stuff. Like my Roland System-100, SH-09 and the Frostwave resonator (Korg MS-20 filter). Today I use a Kenton Pro 2 MIDI to CV converter which works OK but I need to take it to the next level, hence the Midibox CV. Below is a video of another Midibox project done the De Luxe way – It’s the MB 6582, based on the Midibox Sid 2. Since it’s DYI, everything is available if you want to build one yourself. All you need is time, money and a soldering iron. Amazing!


My Amiga game called Cybergames

March 29, 2010  |  Blog

When I was 16-17 years old I wanted to work as a computer games developer.  This was in the mid 80’s and Sweden didn’t have the games industry of today. The founding members of Digital Illusions (Battlefield etc) was still cracking games and calling themselves The Silents. 

If you wanted to work as games developer in Sweden you either had to land a freelance job or do all by yourself, and then try to get interest from a British distributor or games company.  

My first try was a space shooter for the Commodore 64 that I did together with a friend. It took too long to develop (due to school etc) and by the time we had a demo ready, the Commodore 64 computer was phased out by the Amiga.

My next try was a game I did together with another friend, this time on the Amiga. It also took way to long to finish but we did actually release it, in 1995,  just in time for the big Commodore bankruptcy and the commercial death of the Amiga. All companies started to move on to the PC so good luck finding anyone interested in our Amiga game. We decided to release it as shareware and forget about the whole thing and the thousands of hours invested in it.

This game was called Cybergames (This was before the unrelated Cyber Games tournaments started). Thanks to the internet it’s still out there. Today I found a Polish review of the game, from 2006, which is kind of amazing concidering Cybergames was released 15 years ago.

If you know polish, here’s the review. If not, you could always look at the pretty pictures. 😉

Café Del Mar finally on Spotify

March 28, 2010  |  Blog

It may be the most overhyped establishment on Ibiza, but their compilations are usually  enjoyable. I’ve been using the streaming service Spotify for about a year now but the last time I checked they didn’t have anything from the famous Café. But now they do! Whopee! So if you are lucky enough to be living in one of the few selected Spotified countries then click the links to check it out. I think there are at lease 16 volumes available. If anybody needs an invite to Spotify, let me know. I still have a few left. 

Café del Mar volume 16, Volume 15, Volume 14

Time for a change

March 28, 2010  |  Blog

The last time I redesigned was in 2004. A lot of great things have happened since then – stuff like Soundcloud, Wordpress, the iPhone and of course the whole “social” concept on the web with Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and so on. My site started to feel really tired and was in dire need of an update, so here we are. I will add more stuff here during the next few days and if something shouldn’t work when you visit then please check again later. And please feel free to add comments to my posts – I really want to get in touch with my fans – I know you’re out there! 🙂

DJ 19 vs Bjorn Fogelberg – Yozakura

March 28, 2010  |  Blog

My collaboration with Japanese DJ and producer DJ 19 resulted in a laid back house track called “Yozakura”. It’s featured on his new full length CD Phuturefunk and recently the DJ-version EP, including the Thomas Penton remix, was also released. Check out the video of the original track below.