Bye bye Ubetoo

March 23, 2014

I’m cancelling my subscription with the music distribution site Ubetoo. The only track I have with them, Jnana, will be added to the excellent service Distrokid instead.

Reasons for ending the deal with Ubetoo are 1: They’re move expensive than it’s worth for me and 2: They fucked up the Beatport release date for my track Jnana. Because of their fuckup it got several weeks delayed and was never shown among the new tracks on Beatport. Consequently it got buried among hundreds of other older tracks.

Mind your matter added to Spotify

March 23, 2014

Mind your matter, one of my biggest trance tunes in terms of who played it (Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz etc) and how much it sold on Beatport, is now available for streaming on Spotify again. 2014 remaster! Check it out.

The sounds of the LXR drum synthesizer

February 4, 2014

Sonic Potions LXR

So what does the LXR actually sound like? Too show you, I just recorded some loops that I made last weekend. The sounds on this demo uses a mixture of imported samples (from TR707/808/909) and sounds synthesized live on the LXR. This is a pretty straight forward basic demo with not much manipulation of the sounds. I’ll try to add some more demos in the future with examples of the digital madness you can cram out of this baby.

Check out the LXR on

Ivan Nikusev-Legendary (Bjorn Fogelberg Remix)

February 4, 2014

Here’s a clip of my latest remix that I did for OLD SQL Records. Available for download on the usual places.

The LXR drum machine is fully assembled and working

January 24, 2014

This DIY project has been laying around in pieces in my studio since I bought it a couple of months ago from Sonic Potions. Around christmas I decided to pick up the soldering iron and today it was finally finished.

I’m happy to report that it works as promised. I will be making some loops and play around with it this weekend. Happy days! :)

Testing the LXR   LXR Drum machine in pieces   LXR Drum machine fully built

Working on a new album

November 24, 2013

I noticed I haven’t been writing anything on my web site for a while, so here goes. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of music on my new Elektron Monomachine and soon I will probably have enough tracks to actually release my third full length album. So why this sudden burst of creativity? Well, it’s probably because of the workflow of the Monomachine. I find that it’s much much easier for me to record my ideas when I get a burst of inspiration. Making music with Ableton Live on a computer is not particularly difficult but it still takes longer time to convert the ideas to sounds and music. On the Monomachine I can go from scratch – no sounds and no music, to an almost complete track in a matter of hours. I also like the sound machines on the Monomachine. It’s easy to create stuff that sounds good. I really like this box.
And I also bought a X0xb0x for the studio. It’s a TB-303 clone. Expect more acid-like basses in my music in the future.

New stuff in the studio

September 25, 2013

Right now I’m redesigning my studio a bit. Lately I got three new pieces of equipment – An Elektron MonoMachine, a Pultec clone and a circuit bended Speak & Math. The MonoMachine is a wonderful little box. I’m planning to use it to create new beats and improvising stuff. The Pultec clone is a dual EQ with vacuum tubes. It’s a really, really good EQ, but it’s very sensitive to ground loops from the power lines. I need to get myself an isolating transformer to get rid of the 50 hz hum before I can use it fully. The Speak & Math thing is just for fun but maybe maybe I will use it in some techno or acid tunes. In a couple of days I will get an LXR drum machine kit, but that’s another story.

I got a SubPac

July 31, 2013

Today I got my SubPac in the mail from Canada. Some months ago I decided to support the Kickstarter project for these things. The SubPac is a device that is seated between the chair/sofa and your back. Connect it to a sound source and it will transfer low frequencies directly to your body. It lets you FEEL the bass. And believe me, it really works. It feels very similar to being in a club with a big sound system and you feel the bass though all of your body, not just the back. I’ve tried it for several things already, producing music (Wow this changes everything!), listening to music, playing games and watching movies. It is awesome! I love it!

d-phrag-Immersed 178 May 2013

June 29, 2013

Check out this great set by d-phrag. Lots of great tunes including one of mine.

How to make the perfect Facebook cover

June 29, 2013

My Facebook cover article for MacWorld is online (in swedish).
Click here to read it